CBD Paste Raw syringe (Endoca) 30%

Buy CBD Paste Raw syringe (Endoca) 30% ~3000mg 10gr

The Endoca 30% Raw Hemp Oil syringe contains pure CBD paste of a good 30 % CBD/CBDA in a handy dosage syringe.
This dosage syringe is very easy to use, making it very easy to dose the right amount of CBD/CBDA.

Endoca stands for high quality

Endoca guarantees the high quality of all its CBD products. Good quality CBD paste starts with the seeds of the organic hemp. All plants are organically cultivated and Endoca’s production process is GMP certiÚed. This means that each process has a detailed description of how and under what circumstances the product are produced. Because Endoca products are non-GMO, which means that they have a certification for not being manipulated genetically.

Characteristics Endoca paste

The pasta is strongly concentrated.
The CBD paste is made through critical CO2 extraction process.
The paste is free of pesticides and herbicides.
The paste is made of organically cultivated hemp.
Each batch of the paste is double-checked on purity and quality.
Because the production counts with a GMP certiÚcation, the checks also need to be performed twice on the products. Endoca tests its products in its own
environment, but also contracts an independent, external lab to test the products.  This gives you as a customer insight in the quality and purity of the products. It also provides you assurance that the products on our website are of the highest quality.

Buy CBD Paste Raw syringe

Buy CBD Paste Raw syringe

CO2 extraction; clean and unique

When the organic hemp is harvested, it will be subject to a critical CO2 extraction method. That’s the reason why this paste syringe does not only contain Cannabidiol (CBD), but also many other cannabinoids. CBD and more
DA. Furthermore, the paste contains traces of CBC, CBG and CBN.
Endoca is the producer of a wide range of CBD products, including CBD oil, CBD chewing gum, CBD capsules but also CBD pastes. Buy CBD Paste Raw syringe


The package contains 1 syringe with 10grams CBD/CBDA paste. The recommended dose is putting 0.5ml per time under the tongue and dissolving it in the mouth. Do this maximum twice per day.
An Endoca syringe 30% Raw hemp CBD contains 10 gram CBD paste. This is sufficient for ± 20 dosages. This is ~150mg per dosage of 0.5ml. Buy CBD Paste Raw syringe