Buy Lemon Marmalade marijuana

Buy Lemon Marmalade marijuana online


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 Lemon Marmalade marijuana

Lemon Marmalade is a potent hybrid from Washington State, bred by Platinum Extracts. The strain was developed by crossing Deadhead OG with Cookie Dough, a select phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. Caked with trichomes and radiating citrus and diesel fumes.  Lemon Marmalade creates a complex flavor mix of lemon and piney Kush with subtle fruit undertones. Buy Lemon Marmalade marijuana online

This bud took home the top prize for Best BHO-THC at the 2015 Dope Cup in Seattle and champions a 25% THC level on average. Not only is this strain strong, it’s extremely tasty as well. It has an enticing flavor profile mixed with lemon, pine, and sweet fruits and aromas that include diesel and lemon zest. Buy Lemon Marmalade marijuana online

Buy Lemon Marmalade marijuana online

Buy Lemon Marmalade marijuana online

A high like this is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it’s probably not for inexperienced users in general. It first hits with a one-two punch, energizing users and turning on creative juices that can last for hours.  You’ll feel a warmth overtake you from head to toe in lovely, calming rushes. These effects can be literally boundless and compound over time even if you have smoked a very small amount.  So enjoy this bud when you don’t have anything important going on. Buy Lemon Marmalade marijuana online

Insomnia and stress are two of the main ailments that Lemon Marmalade is great for relieving symptoms of. Because it is a strong sedative and has a high THC content, you’ll find yourself upbeat and energetic before slipping into an unmovable slumber. Some users also find this bud to be helpful with mild pain and eye pressure. Buy Lemon Marmalade marijuana online

For a cerebral rush that doesn’t quit and a full body buzz that moves you into the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while, try Lemon Marmalade. The effects may hook you, but it will be the flavors that keep you reaching for this insanely tasty bud. Enjoy it alone or with friends – just make sure you have a pillow close by. Buy Lemon Marmalade marijuana online

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