Buy peppermint cookies marijuana online

Buy peppermint cookies marijuana online




Buy peppermint cookies marijuana


THC: 19% – 22%

Peppermint Cookies, not to be confused with the popular Thin Mint Cookies, is a 100% pure indica strain that is a descendant of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain. Buy peppermint cookies marijuana online . Although it is not known exactly how Girl Scout Cookies is bred into Peppermint Cookies, this bud has been lab tested at a THC level that typically ranges from 19-22%, although it has been recorded higher than that on occasion. Much like an actual peppermint cookie, this bud has a sweet aroma of minty nutty honey. Also, With just a hint of skunk. The taste is even sweeter, like eating a peppermint cookie dipped in honey with a nutty aftertaste upon exhale. More so, the Peppermint Cookies high is extremely relaxing in nature. With a sense of sedation and laziness that saps any feelings of tension or pain. This high can be narcotic at times, lulling you into a deep and peaceful sleep that lasts for hours on end. Buy peppermint cookies marijuana online

Buy peppermint cookies marijuana online

Peppermint Cookies has a high that mounts slowly and gradually before its effects can be fully detected. The initial effects may be disorienting, as users may find themselves suddenly struck with a sharpened perception of otherwise ordinary stimuli. In certain situations, this may lead to a feeling of “mind race,” with freely-associative thoughts jumping quickly from one to the next. As the high wears on, however, this strain’s stoney indica side creeps in, rendering smokers relaxed and contented. Also, Peppermint Cookies’ blend of perceptual distortion and deep relaxation means that this strain may not be the best choice for concentrating on intense, important tasks.  Buy peppermint cookies marijuana online

Medically speaking, Peppermint Cookies is an effective analgesic, numbing chronic aches and pains and easing muscular tension. Also, its anti-inflammatory properties may also be good for headaches and nausea. On the psychological side of things, this strain’s way of elevating mood and subtracting stress from everyday situations also makes it a good way to temporarily relieve the acute symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Buy peppermint cookies marijuana online

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28 grams, 1/8 pound, 1/4 pound


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