buy Rosetta Stone marijuana online

Buy Rosetta Stone Marijuana Online




Rosetta Stone marijuana

Rosetta Stone marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid that was created by Brothers Grimm. Just like Rosetta Stone 2016, Rosetta Stone can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Also, The breeders of Brothers Grim chose a unique female Ginger Ale plant to start developing their strain Rosetta Stone. In addition , Choosing that particular female because it produced the densest green buds they had ever seen. They began a search to find the perfect male to match it with. Buy Rosetta Stone Marijuana Online
There was only one criteria they sought a male that would enhance the resin producing capabilities of the female. Also, already having a strain in mind, the Brothers Grim crossed their Princess derived female with a male White Widow from Greenhouse Seeds that reportedly had resin covered leaves. Moore so, What came of this pairing is a strain that clears the mind and cause users to feel warm, tranquil and sociable. In addition  This strain almost never causes it’s users to feel paranoid, making it a great strain from those that suffer from anxiety disorders.The strain is wonderfully sweet and has a fruity smell, which will make you want more and more. Rosetta Stone cannabis strain is great for daytime and evening time use. Buy Rosetta Stone Marijuana Online

Type of High

Rosetta Stone marijuana  strain delivers a strong and long-lasting type of high. Rosetta Stone cannabis strain can treat depression, stress, and insomnia.

buy Rosetta Stone marijuana online

Buy Rosetta Stone Marijuana Online

Breeder: Brothers Grimm. Genetics: Rosetta Stone cannabis strain is a cross of Ginger-Ale and White Widow.

Capable of producing a moderate yield, somewhere between one and two pounds per square meter. Rosetta Stone delivers a THC range between 15 and 20 percent. This strain requires an indoor grow setup and may finish after seven weeks of flowering, though it may take up to eight to fully finish. Particularly suited for a Sea of Green this strain is fairly easy to grow but may not be the best choice for a grower’s first time. Able to reach 120 centimeters in height, Rosetta Stone tends to produce one big cluster of large colas. Buy Rosetta Stone Marijuana Online

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